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Our company, Ultimate Bartending School , delivers the most comprehensive and contemporary training program available in Canada . Our cocktail bartending and mixology course provides the opportunity for individuals to work in the hospitality industry both in Canada and worldwide in hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, and special events.

The program is designed to achieve one simple and very important goal: to provide you, the student, with the best knowledge and practical training that can be used in when working in the real world.

Our Bartending Certificate Program was created by our instructors, who have over 25 years or combined bar and restaurant experience. They continue today to work in the industry to keep up with ever changing times and to strive to improve both our programs and their general bartending and serving knowledge so it can be passed on to you. For this program, we have spent countless hours researching and creating new service styles, flair techniques and drink recipes with the goal of making you the best bartender you can be.


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